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Shaffer Trucking offers one of the most comprehensive truck driver pay packages in the trucking industry and has also been independently certified as a Top-Paying Carrier by the National Transportation Institute.

If you have one or more years of verifiable experience, you may qualify to start in our National Fleet at our experienced truck driver pay rate. Drivers will be paid $.47 to $.53 per practical mile depending on their experience and work history over the last five years.  The top OTR drivers will now average over $73,000 annually.

Practical Route Miles
Shaffer Trucking pays drivers using Rand McNally Practical Route Miles. Many companies in the trucking industry use what is referred to as “Short Route Miles”. Our Practical Route Miles reflect about four (4) percent more miles—for which you are paid—and more accurately represent your actual route.

Additional Compensation

Stop-Off Pay
If your load requires multiple stops in addition to the original pick up and the final delivery, you will receive stop pay of $30 per stop.

Breakdown Pay
The breakdown of truck driver pay of $100 is paid for each 24 hour period following the first 12 hours.

Guaranteed Detention Pay
Company OTR drivers will now receive guaranteed detention pay after 2 hours of wait time.

Guaranteed Detention Pay – Additional Information