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Name: Brian Puff

Job: Company Driver

Years at Crete: 13


Well, I’m Brian Puff. Married my wife Jill in ’83. We’ve got two children: Jennifer, Kyle. Two incredible grandchildren from my daughter: Kaden and Ms. Katie. Back in ’99 I was injured, out of work for 18 months. I accrued a lot of debt. When I was finally able to come back to work, the company I was with got bought out, and I went to another job. Within two years, they got bought out. I did not want to skip from one job to another. I wanted security, so I went through a lot of trucking companies, checking them out. It came down between Crete and another company, and I choose Crete. The other company just happened to be bought out a couple of years after that. During my 13 plus years here at Crete, I was able to get out of debt. Jill and I put my son through college, University of North Carolina. I’m still a Duke fan! And we paid off our house. Financially, we’re doing extremely well, and I owe that to my wife Jill and to the opportunities that I have here at Crete to be as productive as possible, and I’m looking forward to a great future. Thank you.