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Name: Daryll Rosado

Job: Company Driver

Years at Crete: 13


Hello, my name is Daryll Rosado I’ve been driving for Crete Carrier for over 13 years now, I’ve been driving a truck for over 17. When I first started driving a truck I saw these red trucks out there on the road that had Crete Carrier Corporation on their doors and I got to talking to some of their drivers and realized back then that I didn’t have enough experience to come to work for them, but I stayed with the company I was at and then got some experience under my belt, and it was about 3 years after, almost 4 years after I started driving that I came to work for Crete Carrier and I have to say that this is move that I’m glad I made, nut just a job, but a career choice, you can look around today at different companies and things may not work out for you, there may be things that this company doesn’t work for you, maybe something this other company does that won’t work for you. I have to say that even though that I live in the state Mississippi, and Crete Carriers is a company out of Lincoln Nebraska, this is the fit for me, this is what works for me. I have enjoyed working for Crete, I appreciate the professionals that I encounter on the road out there that also work for Crete I have a good relationship with my asset manager that I am very thankful for and I am thankful for those that work in the shops throughout the company, throughout the country. I appreciate the opportunity to work with other fellow professionals in this job, that a lot of people take for granted. I am thankful for Crete Carrier Corporation given me the opportunity to make this my career company. Thank you very much.