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Name: Shawn Overton

Job: Training Specialist

Years at Crete: 6


Hi, my name is Shawn Overton and I’m a training specialist here at Crete Carrier Corporation in the IT department, and this is my story. So how did I come to get into trucking? I actually didn’t have any background in the industry, what happened was my wife was pregnant with our first daughter and I was looking for something with a little some stability to it, something with some room for advancement. My sister had worked for Crete Carrier Corporation for several years. She’s still with the company today as a manager in our Safety department. I talked to her about what positions were available and she mentioned that there was a position available in our operations department, so I actually applied for that position and came on board with the company. Probably one of the best moves I’ve made in quite a while. With that I was in operations for a little over 2 years and the funny thing about my current position when I was going through orientation. First few days with the company I went through orientation with a gentleman named Zach Moore and Zach was a training specialist as well and I asked my sister, how do I go about getting Zach’s position. She kind of laughed and said well if it comes available you got to apply for it, and so I said okay. A couple of years later I did apply for it and received my current position, which I’ve been in for a little over four years now. Total I’ve been with Crete for a little over six years, and liked it so much I even dragged my wife along with me. She’s actually a recruiter in the recruiting department. Recruiting drivers over the road, and so she came on board just a few months after I did, so we both have been with the company for right around six years. Really enjoy working in the trucking industry and my position specifically. I get to work with individuals from different departments, I get to interact with drivers on a daily basis, I get to meet all kinds of new people. I conduct the orientation for our on-site location here in Lincoln, Nebraska. Pretty much every Monday, and I get to meet everybody that comes through the terminal. It’s a good position to be in if you’re interactive of course and if you like to meet new people because that’s definitely what the position is all about. I truly enjoy my job. I get to learn a whole bunch about different things, different systems being in the IT department. Plus I get to help people and bring them on board and tell them all the great things that our company has to offer, so just want to say thank you for letting me take some of your time today and listen to my story and have a good day.