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Name: Tim Aschoff


Years at Crete: 16


Hi my name is Tim Aschoff I’m the chief operating officer for Crete Carrier, and President of Shaffer trucking and here my trucking in Crete Carrier Story so probably like many I was growing up as a kid and I wasn’t really thinking about trucking although I grew up on a family farm and my parents were entrepruers, so my dad had a Cab Ford and I was able to drive that before I was able to drive a car, but it, I didn’t fall in love with that right away as I grew older our business were agriculture related so we were up and down, and my parents encouraged me to go off and go to college and so I did. I went into business because I loved business, so went to business school, ultimately went to law school with a business focus. After law school I ended up moving out to colorado working in-house counsel and about six years ago now I got a call from Crete Carrier here, the general counselor at the time, saying “hey I heard you were a Nebraska boy, and may be interested in coming back to Nebraska and coming to work for Crete Carrier as one of our attorneys. I thought about it with my family, we thought well what a great opportunity to get back to Nebraska, so we did. I didn’t really know what I was getting into, with respect to trucking I had never been into it before, once I got here immediately fell in love with it. It’s not just because you have some big rigs and big toys that some of us like to have and be around, but it really was because of the people. I found that I was able to meet so many interesting people, and everyday was new and exciting because you didn’t know who you were going to meet next and their life story and what kept them out there on the road. One thing I also did realize is that this industry is really a strong way for people to support their families. So many of our drivers that I talk to are out there working hard, doing what they do, not only because there out there because they love to drive, but they know its a way where they can support their family back home and that special relationship that they’ve built with their family back home, even though they’re out on the road and that sacrifice I see is really inspiring to see that day-in-and-day-out has really kept me here. Now I’m here about 15 years later celebrating my 25th anniversary here in April of being apart of not only Crete Carrier, but the trucking industry and I jus like to thank all of you out there who I have met out there over these years that have really made this a fun and exciting job for me, and makes it like that everyday. Thank you everybody.